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Policies and Conditions

  • What are your rental delivery areas?

    Storks and Signs has delivery locations throughout Florida, in Georgia, California, New York, North Carolina, Kansas and South Carolina. For a more indepth list of cities we cover, click here

  • Is there a delivery fee? In some cases, yes, but not always. It depends on your proximity to our location. We will let you know if there is a delivery fee when we confirm your order by phone.

  • When do you deliver? We can deliver seven days a week. We usually deliver between 9am and 9 pm the day before the rental period begins. You can request a specific time for delivery as well. We will pick up the sign (and leave the keepsake) usually in the evening of the last day of the rental period.

  • Where do you leave the keepsake after removing the sign? When we remove our sign, we will place the keepsake in a plastic bag and leave it at the front door unless you request another location on the property.

  • How tall are the signs? Our signs are 7-8 feet tall.

  • What are the signs made of? Some are plywood with latex house paint while others are digitally printed on PVC.

  • How are the signs installed? Yard signs are put into the ground with a metal stake. Door signs will be put on a hook if there is one on the door. If not, we will provide a complimentary plastic hook that hangs from the top of the door.

  • What if I want to move the sign? If you would like to move the location, please let us know and we will do it for you. A delivery fee may apply for each time we come out to move your sign. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to people or property that occurs if you try to move our sign.

  • Can I mow and water my lawn? Please refrain from mowing or trimming near our sign as it may cause damage. Watering is fine.

  • What if the sign becomes damaged? If you notice any damage as a result of severe weather, please let us know right away. We reserve the right to charge a $50 fee if our sign is stolen or intentionally damaged.

  • May children play on the sign?Our signs are NOT designed to be climbed on by children. We cannot be held responsible for injury.

  • How long can I rent the sign? We offer rental packages of 1, 3, 5 or 7 days.

  • How much do the displays cost? Pricing varies, checkout each sign for details

  • What does the price include? Each sign rental includes set-up, take-down and a gift-card to be left with the keepsake.

  • How much lead-time do you require? Please contact us as soon as possible. Once we have your order request, we will confirm availability. Payment secures your reservation.

  • When is payment due?Payment is required when we call to confirm your order. We cannot hold a reservation without payment.

  • What methods of payment are accepted? Check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Pay Pal.

  • Refund Policy:You will receive a refund of rental fees if you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours in advance. If we have already designed your personalized keepsake, we will deliver the keepsake and charge $20 plus a delivery fee (if applicable). If extreme weather prevents us from delivering your sign, we will attempt to redeliver within the next 1-2 days. If we cannot deliver the sign, we will issue a refund. If we make a mistake on the personalization, please notify us immediately and we will replace it ASAP. You will NOT receive a refund if the homeowner stops us from setting up, if we are asked to remove the display, if we are given the wrong address, if we are given the wrong personalization, if we are not allowed access into a gated community, if the homeowner's dog is loose or for any other reason beyond our control.

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